Cindy Om

Personal Trainer
K.O. FIT instructor

As a fitness professional, one of my favorite things to do is to educate people looking to improve their health,fitness and lifestyle. My experience includes working with individuals of varying ages, abilities, and aspirations – from beginner exercisers to athletes. I've been a Personal Trainer since 2003; and a martial art practitioner and instructor since 1997. My Background: Fitness, sports, and martial arts have been an integral part of my life since the age of 15. As a high school and college athlete, I was training in softball and track and field. As a martial artist, I am actively training martial arts in style of Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu since 1997 and currently holds a 4th degree black belt and a certified Women's Self Defense Instructor. My other martial arts and self defense experiences include kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Krav Maga.

I’ve created my special brand of fitness training K.O. FIT which integrates kickboxing, combative exercises, HITT and circuit training.

John Ellis

Personal Trainer

With over 14 years of clinical and teaching experience, John offers a unique blend of Eastern and Western modalities by combining acupuncture, orthopedic massage, personal training and nutritional coaching to create a health and fitness plan customized to you and your goals. He has been an adjunct faculty member at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACTCM) since 2006, most notably as the lead instructor for the Tui Na Certificate Program (Chinese orthopedic massage) which covers treatment plans based on postural, movement, orthopedic and neurological assessments. He has also been an assistant instructor for Diagnosis, Acupuncture Sports Medicine, Acupuncture Theory and Techniques as well as a clinic supervisor in the Community Clinic at ACTCM. Ultimately, he loves it when people realize and take action on the fact that “you are your best medicine”.

He loves working with people who haven’t exercised regularly in over 3 months, are recovering from an injury, have run out of physical therapy but feel there’s more to do, or are afraid to exercise because of an old injury. Finding the right starting point for your health and fitness journey is crucial to safely achieve your goals.

Outside of work he is a dedicated family man, enjoys completing obstacle races with friends and family and is an avid surfer, musician and movie buff.